A statue for the Queen

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King Charles III unveils first posthumous statue of Queen Elizabeth II

The new sculpture in the English city of York was revealed on 9th November 2022 outside York Minster, the largest gothic cathedral in Britain, and pays tribute to the late monarch's life of service and dedication.
Ahead of the unveiling, Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell described the "unique occasion" as an "immensely poignant moment" honoring "the long life and service of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth to her people, her nation and the Commonwealth".
Her commemorative statue, which was designed and carved by York Minster stonemason Richard Bossons, stands at just over six and a half feet tall and weighs around 4,000 pounds.
The French limestone sculpture shows the late Queen in Garter robes, crowned with the George IV State Diadem, and holding the orb and scepter -- symbols of her role as head of church and state.
"She will stand proud and resolute in her niche, welcoming worshippers and visitors alike," said Bossons in a statement.
New words
unveil : svelare, scoprire
dedication : dedizione
Jubilee : giubileo
vigilant : vigile, attento
welfare : benessere
cloth : tessuto, stoffa
poignant : commovente
limestone : calcare
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