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che potranno aiutarti nel tuo studio della lingua inglese.



  • LearnEnglish - Lots of interactive exercises
  • ESL - a good grammar reference site


  • engVid - hundreds of free video lessons, taught by native English-speaking teachers.
  • TED - inspiring talks by experts from various fields. Subtitles and script are available for most videos.
  • Do Lectures - Lots of interesting videos similar to TED
  • Channel4News - video clips from channel with lots of free mini-lessons on English sounds and grammar.
  • Planet Word - A five-part BBC series by Stephen Fry about language. Carefully created and passionately presented, this series covers linguistic diversity, language death, identity and language, writing system and literature.


  • Speech Accent Archive - hundreds of English accents for you to listen to, from different regions of the UK and around the world.
  • BBC Desert Island Discs - entertaining series from BCC Radio 4, which has been going since 1942.
  • BBC Word of Mouth - Micheal Rosen shares his love of words and looks at our lives past and present through the prism of language.
  • BBC Podcast - subscribing to a weekly podcast is a great way of maintaining contact with spoken English. All BBC podcasts can be downloaded automatically and fro free or on i-Tunes. Here are some suggestions: Grammar Challenge - The English We Speak - 6 Minutes English - English at Work - One to One
  • Lexicon Valley - A very entertaining Washington DC-based podcast about the oddities of a language, free on i-Tunes.
  • Our Language in Your Hands - Linguist Mark Turin visits Nepal, South Africa, and New York to explore the fate of the world's endangered languages.


  • The Guardian - English newspaper with a great website, containing articles about World News, Sports, Politics, Culture and beyond. It also has a section dedicated the learning English
  • On this day - articles from key events in the past, from BBC's archives


  • Random Idea English - Fantastic resource for teachers and advanced students.
  • A-Z of ELT - Insightful blog in teaching methodology and English Language in general, by Scott Thornbury. 
  • The Round - An independent collective of creative individuals in English language teaching'. They have a particularly interesting section on how to be a Subversive Teacher, which support their book.
  • Mind your language - Guardian blog on language use.
  • On language - The New York Times column about language 
  • Games with Words - Research, findings, and controversies in language.
  • Fluent Language - Collection of more academic language blogs. Ben Zimmer's writing is particularly interesting.
  • Word routes - Great blogsfrom the Visual Thesaurus site.
  • Oxford Words - a blog by Oxford Dictionaries. 
  • The Visual Linguist - Interesting blog about language by the writer Susan Harvey.
  • Take Our Word for It - A free monthly webzine dedicated to etymology.
  • Sentence First - Independent English language blog by an Irishman called Stan Carey.


  • Word shake - how many words can you find?
  • Vocabulary list - All sort of lists relating to works of literature, historical speeches and more bizarre groupings (e.g. 29 words to do with 'smell' or 25 way of walking!)
  • Wordclouds - Let's you make word clouds.
  • Word stories - The Etymological part of the OED's content on the 'Aspects for English'.
  • Fun with words - Fantastic word stats.



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