Are we talking about surprises?

In ogni lingua ci sono delle costruzioni speciali che esprimo concetti chiari e semplici in maniera figurata.

Vediamo come possiamo esprimere "sorpresa" in inglese.


A bolt out of the blue
A bombshell
An eye-opener
A shocker


Bowl someone over
Catch someone off guard
Catch someone napping
Drop a bomb
Gobsmack someone
Knock someone for a loop
Knock someone over with a feather
Knock someone's socks off
Let the cat out of the bag
Throw someone a curve


Let's see some examples:

The article about the corruption in the Parliament was a bombshell.

The new law knocked my socks off!

Jane really gobsmacked me.

Sophie let the cat of the bag when she told us that her sister was getting married

Just when we thought that the contract was settled, they dropped a bomb/threw us a curve and asked for more money.

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